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My Story

How I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

I was born and raised in the Sacramento area of Northern California.  I grew up with a sister who has type 1 diabetes, so eating healthy has always been a part of my life.  I attended the University of Montana in Misssoula, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  I stayed in Montana for several years after graduating trying to discover what I wanted to do with my life.  After being a ski bum for a few years, it was time to return to CA.  I struggled with my weight in college and after as I enjoy food.  My mom had struggled with weight too and I decided to join Weight Watchers (WW) with her where I successfully lost about 40lbs.  I was feeling great about myself and met my husband shortly after that.  At that time I worked in a hospital in Human Resources, specializing in the Disability Department processing leaves of absences due to illness or work related injuries.  I became pregnant with my first born and did not return to work after my pregnancy leave of absense.  

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